by the light of a lava lamp - live in ober​-​olm


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This album is * NOT * an "official release", but just a little souvenir for the nice people who attended the public rehearsal of our set for the 3rd Cosmic Nights festival in Brussels, and the subsequent jam session with some of our musical friends, in May 2015.

Anyone else who's curious about what we played on that evening is of course invited to give this material a listen, too.

It should be pointed out though that there occurred some technical issues with the recording of the event, which resulted in a rather bootleg-like sound quality, which is somewhat below our usual standard (whatever that means...). In some parts (not many) for example some digital distortion occurred, due to MIDI sync troubles between my Blofeld and Mathias' laptop.

I decided to include two different recordings of "Ondes Intergalactiques" to this collection - one is the direct recording from our mixer, the other one is the sound of Iain Hawk's camera recording; the two recordings sound quite different, for example the mixer recording has a lot more bass, while some of the synths sound much more pleasant in the camera recording.

Furthermore I'd like to point out that a.) Mathias and me were still rehearsing our set and b.) the following sessions were completely spontaneous, we didn't practice or prepare anything in advance, none of the participating musicians had ever played together in that constellation (actually in most cases it was for the first time here at all).

While this was a source of interest and maybe even excitement on the evening as we experienced it, the resulting music on later listening isn't always "perfect" - there are parts where nothing much happens, parts during which not everybody (mostly me) is in sync with the rest, other parts where everything seems to collapse (or explode) in cacophonous chaos.

But: there are also a lot of interesting, beautiful - maybe even "magic" moments which you might discover when you go looking - or listening - for them. Have fun! :-)

A BIG and heartfelt thank from Mathias and me to everyone who joined us on that evening (many had a looooong way to travel!), everyone who lend a hand and to our guest musicians for their wonderful contributions (see credits).


released August 15, 2015

Mathias Brüssel: various software (and some hardware) synthesizers on all tracks
Michael Brückner: various hardware (and some software) synthesizers on all tracks


Tommy Betzler: electronic drum kit on track 3, 4 + 6
Reinhold Krämer: synthesizer on track 4
Volker Lankow: various percussion instruments on tracks 5,6 + 9
Gerd Weyhing: tapping guitar, guitar, bass and synthesizer on tracks 3,4,5,6 + 9


Cover design: Michael Brückner

Photos: Iain Hawk, Olaf Lux, Wolfgang Roth, Stefan Trippler, Norbert Zumdiek


Norbert Zumdiek: providing the lava lamp ;-)



all rights reserved



Michael Brückner and Mathias Brüssel usually form the electronica improvisation project "Le Mansarde Hermetique".

The project name "Brückner & Brüssel" was used only for one specific event: performing at the Cosmic Nights festival 2015 in Brussels, Belgium.

Both also have released solo albums or albums with different other projects over the years...
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